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You’ll need communication skills, enthusiasm, resilience, ambition – plus a 2:1 degree by the time the programme starts in September 2016. We are open to graduates from all disciplines who want to be a leader of the future within Veolia.

In the UK, we recently converged our 3 Divisions; water, waste and energy; into “One Veolia” in line with our strategic direction. So the graduates from our 2016 graduate development programme will be in a unique position as they get the opportunity to spend structured time across a wider business. We believe our future leaders will be better equipped to drive teams to deliver business profitability and innovative thinking if they understand the whole business. Our people are the core of our business so we want to invest in building great leaders of the future – and that could be you!

Are you interested in a development programme which includes diverse placements across our business with a combination of structured on-the-job-training and off-site development interventions supported by senior business managers? The managers will be offering you honest insights about their great successes, experiences and lessons learned, so if that appeals this could be the programme for you. We expect a lot of our managers and leaders, so you would learn how to; Manage people and projects through development such as coaching for high performance and project management. You will also work through NEBOSH training, HR procedures, finance training and career management; these are to name a few.

We want graduates who would like to be part of a graduate cohort, where they share their experiences and learn from each other.  Combined with this we need people who see the future benefit of networking across the business during a range of site visits that we will organise for you.  

We will support you in developing your career so, depending on your interests, the programme could enable you to find a wide range of opportunities. Our contracts are as diverse as our people. For example, we need great people to motivate and manage teams of drivers, site operatives, loaders, street sweepers, gardeners, ICA engineers and electrical and mechanical technicians, to deliver business performance including key performance indicators that are aligned to the business strategy. As a manager you may also find yourself managing relationships with our clients, building growth opportunities for the future and taking a lead role in preparing and presenting to a wide variety of customers. You would be expected to manage a budget and understand budget requirements for your area. Please look here to find out more about some of our external clients and how we work together with them.

  • Jamie Welsh
    Jamie Welsh Graduate After achieving a degree in Earth and Environmental Science, Jamie wanted to make a real impact on the environmental performance of big organisations. Veolia provided this opportunity.
    Throughout, I experienced high quality training and projects. These developed my business and technical skills. By far the biggest highlight was visiting our underground storage facility, Minosus – and being given my own customer account to manage.
    I’m now a National Account Manager. I work within our Commercial Services business, serving 13 customers who have sites across the UK. I make sure we provide them with a service that best makes use of their valuable resources.
    I’m making the positive difference I wanted to. Increasing customer recycling, reducing environmental impact, and providing solutions to improve our service. It’s all adding up to make real changes happen.
    It’s professional, friendly environment. My line manager has been incredibly supportive, as have the rest of the National Accounts team. And it feels good to work with customers that have a real desire to reduce their impact on the environment.
    I’m proud of my job. A good example is when I was coming to the end of the two year graduate programme. I was given a new National Account customer to manage. This meant mobilising our services to multiple sites across the UK. I did all this while maintaining high levels of service.
    I would definitely recommend doing your homework. The Veolia website is a valuable source of information that will really help you out with the application. During the assessment centres and interviews, be yourself and try to stay relaxed. You’ll better represent yourself on the day.
  • Kirsty Gough
    Kirsty Gough Graduate Geography graduate Kirsty had a real interest how the public sector deals with recycling methodologies. She specifically applied to Veolia to make a difference in this sector.
    I started the programme as a Project Manager. I worked in various areas during my time and could rotate into other parts of the business. This gave me an overall idea of how everything worked and helped me make connections around the business.
    The programme offers unique opportunities. The kind you don’t get when you are in a permanent role. It allowed me to go and see how an Energy Recycling Facility works, how a landfill site is operated, and even how we store waste in a salt mine.
    These trips are integral to your learning. There are even senior managers in the business who don’t see as much of the business as you do as a Graduate.
    I’m now Contract Manager for our Heineken account. I take care of the day-to-day operations of eight Heineken sites. I am also responsible for driving service and methodology improvements, cost saving and managing the finances in general.
    Everyone is willing to help you. I feel that I have a good support network which makes all the difference when you’re new to a role. That said, I pretty much work alone because I handle my contract myself. That suits me. I’m trusted to get things done.
    I am proud for pushing to get my role. I wanted to do this from the start. I feel good about myself for getting here after just four years in the business. But I’ll continue to push for a more senior contract manager role with more responsibility.  
    I suggest you let your personality shine though. Veolia are very much a people company. It’s nice to meet someone who you feel like you can get on with and work with. That’s the main thing - to show you’re able to work well with the people here.
  • Michael Busby
    Michael Busby Graduate Equipped with a Masters degree in Chemistry and experience with a chemical trading company, Michael decided to make more use of his academic knowledge by joining us.
    Veolia is one of the largest environmental companies in the world. I joined because I admired the commitment they showed to changing attitudes towards waste. Veolia spans the water, waste and energy industries. I knew that this makes for a diverse range of opportunities and experiences.
    Opportunities to learn come thick and fast here. It’s only when you pause to think that you realise how much you have learned. The highlights for me have been the projects I‘ve helped deliver. Seeing them pay back real business benefit is really satisfying.
    I’m working to develop a strategy that improves asset availability and reduce operating costs at the largest wastewater treatment plant in Scotland. This includes being responsible for delivering operational savings to the business through improvements that I and a team of trained operators and maintainers deliver. I facilitate and teach workshops on Lean processes and reliability centered maintenance and analyse assets for areas of improvement and implement change
    My team is focused on success. We’re driven to achieve the high standard we set for ourselves. There’s a passion to making the business smarter, better and more efficient. It’s also great that we get on on very well outside of work too.
    The cornerstone of our culture is to innovate. We want to be ahead of the curve in all of the industries that we’re present in. We constantly look for new solutions to existing problems and we rely on nurturing the good ideas of all of our employees to fuel our vision of the circular economy.
    I‘m most proud of my development. The training and experience I’ve had so far have shaped me into the person that I am today. It’s perfect preparation to be a leader of the future here.
    Be yourself. That means understanding your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths. It’s my advice to anyone who wants to progress here.
  • Mark Spickernell
    Mark Spickernell Graduate Mark was looking for the chance to progress in a company that would offer him movement and personal growth when he found our graduate programme.

    The programme was extremely diverse. I got exposure to many business areas, where I was able to gain a good insight into the key workings of Veolia – especially from an operational point of view.  

    I’m now an Innovation and Recycling Manager. This means I’m responsible for driving our strategy of innovation and collaboration, while supporting the commercial business to increase recycling rates.  Day to day I communicate with depots, talking to crews and drivers to find better ways to achieve our goals.

    The best thing about working for Veolia? It’s pretty simple. Working for a company that is trying to make a genuine difference.

    I’m able to voice my ideas and opinions openly here. There’s a very good culture of communication here.

    I’ve helped to create and shape my role. It’s one that’s fundamental for delivering the strategy of our business. And that’s something I’m particularly proud of.

    Bring an open mind and a pair of strong boots. Not to mention a willingness to get hands-on. This is the advice I’d give to someone thinking about applying for this programme.
  • Phillippa Larkin
    Philippa Larkin Graduate After studying Geography at university, Philippa found herself attracted to Veolia because of the way we tackle the global issue of resource scarcity at local levels.

    The exposure you get as a graduate is tremendous. The company is keen for graduates to have the opportunity to absorb as much about the business as possible.

    I’ve made friends for life on the graduate programme. As a group we all get on so well and when we meet up for training weeks it’s great to hear what everyone is working on.

    The work can be fast paced, but that makes it exciting.  My current placement is with the Commercial Waste team, where I support the Transport Manager, ensuring our service continues to run smoothly.

    It’s really exciting to see how the business differs across the board. You get to visit so many amazing sites and learn how they operate first-hand. I love that the business is so united across the different regions.

    The culture is welcoming, innovating and exciting. All members of staff are encouraged to bring forward ideas – you feel valued and that you can make a difference.

    Presenting in a regional meeting gave me an opportunity to network with senior members of the business, where it was invaluable to receive feedback on my work.

    If you don’t say it, chances are people won’t know it. Have the confidence to sell your skills and experiences.
  • Leonard Heinrich
    Leonard Heinrich Graduate Leonard’s M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management initially led him to a job in a laboratory straight after university; however after learning about Veolia’s work across the water and wastewater sectors, Leonard was attracted to join Veolia’s graduate programme.

    Veolia is a company that really cares about the environment and is at the forefront of important concepts like the circular economy, delivering a low carbon society and ensuring access to water and energy resources for years to come.

    The graduate programme is varied and is run across each of Veolia’s activities in water, waste and energy. This is the perfect way to realise which area you could be most beneficial and also that you enjoy the most.

    The highlight has been the overall experience; working on technical projects at a wastewater treatment plant, has provided exciting challenges.

    I’m currently working as a Process Engineer, assisting on water operations. I’m working on improving the treatment efficiency at two wastewater treatment plants in Northern Ireland, where my role involves liaising with operations teams, potential new suppliers and contractors.

    One of the best things at Veolia is the people, I love what I am doing and the exposure I have working with different parts of the business. The company culture promoted on the website has been reflected by everyone I have worked with so far. Everyone has been really helpful, welcoming and fun to work with.

    The culture at Veolia is dynamic. Veolia inspires an innovative working environment, which is focused on creating sustainable solutions for our customers.

    Be yourself all the way through. Veolia is equally interested in your personality as well as the skills you have to offer. If you are passionate about the environment, Veolia is the perfect company for you.
  • Lisa Mckenzie
    Lisa Mckenzie Graduate After studying a Masters in Civil and Architectural Engineering, Lisa worked in various fields including training to be a RAF pilot; however after Defence cutbacks she joined Veolia’s graduate programme and likes the way it balances training with technical and core business skills.

    Lisa carried out all of her placements within the water business. Placements were split between the regulated water part of the business, working operations teams, health and safety teams and working directly with customers.

    I felt like James Bond! My final placement was delivering capital delivery projects across Scotland. A highlight was a project off the North Coast of Scotland. To get to the site I had to drive to a meet point, transfer to a land rover to be driven across sand dunes to a speed boat, across the sea, to another land rover, to go along a hair-raising stretch of cliff roads.

    I’m currently working as a Project Lead on our water strategy. I manage a set of projects aimed at ensuring the company achieves its business objectives. As part of this I get to work with managers from all over the business, looking into business improvements and implementing change.

    My work varies hugely from week to week, from working at my desk, to chairing project meetings, to travelling to sites across the UK delivering presentations.

    There aren’t many women in operations within the industry. After the graduate programme I got a job as a unit controller at a wastewater treatment works in Edinburgh. I was really proud of the trust given to me. I was working shifts with a great team with decades of experience, it was even better to take on this role as a female in the industry; sometimes contractors I hadn’t met would come onto site and assume I was the receptionist. I must admit that when asked, “Could you please let the unit controller know we’re here,” giving the answer “Yes that’s me” was fairly satisfying.

    Demonstrate your best team work – Speak up, give opinions and answers, but also listen to and involve others who are there. Communication is a core skill being tested and helping others will go down much better than talking over them.
  • Hussien Somji
    Hussien Somji Graduate After studying Chemical Engineering at University, Hussein was attracted to Veolia’s diverse involvement across industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas; Healthcare, and Chemical & Pharmaceuticals.

    The graduate programme provided a very dynamic role. It allowed me to learn and develop myself within the industry and gain an insight into how a large organisation is able to reinvent itself when facing new challenges, while maintaining its core values.

    Every day is different for me. In my role as Project Engineer, I am involved in a wide range of projects. This includes developing incubation projects that come through Veolia’s Innovation Den, as well as improving and supporting sites across the division.

    Veolia is a welcoming organisation. They actively want to assist you with training and opportunities to develop you into a high performing leader in your role.

    A friendly atmosphere wherever you are based – People are eager to help and always ensure everyone feels comfortable at their workplace. The annual football competition is an example of bringing all of Veolia together.

    My proudest moment so far – Providing a bespoke solution to treat radioactive waste streams in a sustainable way, ensuring safety of people and the environment.

    Be ready to make a real difference out there. You will be exposed to many areas of the business that will shape your future role. There are ample opportunities, however your attitude to strive and succeed is what will keep you above the rest.