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Waste Management

Waste Management


The role of Haulage is to offer a reliable, efficient and cost effective way of transporting waste and recyclables between the point of source or transfer and final disposal/treatments facilities, whilst minimising environmental damage.

The Haulage business operates a total of 51 specialised vehicles, covering in excess of 3.5 million kilometres per annum. Many of these vehicles are operational 362 days per annum.

The fleet is modern and well maintained thus ensuring good fuel efficiency and low level emissions.

Vehicle payloads are constantly monitored to ensure that the maximum possible legal payload is achieved thus minimising the number of journeys that each vehicle needs to make. Vehicle routes are established and reviewed on the pretext that distance travelled is minimised but not at the cost of the local environment. Major traffic routes are therefore utilised where ever possible.

Transfer Stations

The transport of waste in small loads is both uneconomic and damaging to the environment. To minimise small load movements, we have 9 independent and strategically located waste transfer stations.

Waste Collection Authorities and some commercial customers deliver waste and recyclables to these stations thus avoiding long journeys to final disposal/treatment facilities, which are commonly located some distance from waste collection rounds.

Wastes and recyclables delivered into these stations are transferred to bulk vehicles for onward shipment to the final disposal/treatment facilities. Bulk transfer loads are maximised by the use of on board weighing and more recently the mechanical shredding of some bulky wastes.