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Sustainability Report 2015
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Circular thinking for a changing world. Sustainable innovation at Veolia in 2015.
Transforming waste into energy and green products: we can help our commercial customers and save money. Whether it's avoiding landfill, or exploring water efficiencies and improving energy usage, we have the expertise to help businesses big and small exceed their environmental targets.

"Waste is no longer wasted. Our expertise transforms unrecyclable waste and sludge into energy, and innovation now gives us precious metals from street sweepings, and plastics from sewage. By realising the potential we are now helping communities - through jobs for marginalised groups, lowered fuel poverty, and a cleaner, healthier environment."
Gavin Graveson, Chief Operating Officer - Public and Commercial in the UK

Our customers save around 30% on cost & carbon by creating energy from waste

Savings of up to 20% can be identified through our energy audits

Our Hubgrade system helps businesses monitor their water, waste & energy usage

Veolia Sustainability Report 2015 | Highlights wall, spotlight on airports