About Us

In the Workplace

We value our people. We rely on their skills, ingenuity and dedication to help satisfy our customers, protect our environment and promote the success of our business every day.


Our employees achieve these goals most effectively when they are able to work in an open, dynamic and stimulating environment, where individual progression and personal welfare are prioritised.

We consider it a workplace responsibility to provide ongoing education for all our employees. Campus Veolia is a dedicated centre for staff training, learning and development. It offers the opportunity to acquire new skills, knowledge and increase competencies, progressing careers with the Group. Courses are written to national standards and range from mandatory Health and Safety or customer service training to driving skills or management programmes run in partnership with universities.

•    We received Big Ticks in the 2014 BitC Responsible Business Awards within the Climate Change, Sustainable Products and Services and Workplace Talent and Skills categories.
•    We received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development Category.
•    Our integration of sustainability into Veolia was recognised in 2013 when we came second in Business in the Community's Corporate Responsibility Index
•    In 2013, 60% of our employees were involved in at least one day's training to strengthen their skills and expertise.
•    Campus Veolia delivered over 100,000 training hours over the course of 2013 across a dedicated range of courses.

To support our growing customer base, we developed our ‘Back 2 business’ strategy to attract a new range of talent through schemes such as apprenticeships and work experience placements for ex-offenders, long term unemployed and those who have experienced homelessness. In 2013, we exceeded our target of 300 apprenticeships by taking on 354 apprentices.

English lessons in Westminster

As part of a major training initiative, we have helped around 100 people who don’t speak English as a first language to improve their communication skills. Participants take the first and second stages of the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Skills for Life course. The initiative increases employees’ skills, confidence and their ability to communicate with the public.

Taking an industry lead in Health and Safety

We’re committed to achieving the highest standards of operational Health and Safety.  Our responsibility to ensure safe working conditions is recognised and supported throughout the business. We proactively identify situations that represent a potential risk and improve controls to prevent future accidents. Our communications include poster competitions, screensavers, texts and a touring Safety Bus, where Andrew Longley, a member of staff injured at work, tells his story to make Health and Safety personal to all our staff.

We are incredibly proud that our commitment to Health and Safety was recognised at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2014, where the company received a Gold Award.

Our health and wellbeing programmes were recognised globally when we won the Preventive Health category at the Global Social Initiative Awards held at Campus Veolia in Paris in June 2015.

Fairness first

Because fairness counts above all in the workplace, in line with our Equal Opportunities policy, we ensure that everybody is given every chance to progress, regardless of colour, gender, origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.