Veolia UK | Our journey with commercial customers

Our journey with Commercial Customers

Improving resilience while reducing environmental impacts

Improving resilience while reducing environmental impacts

Our commercial customers continue to better manage their resources, reduce their environmental impacts and make significant cost savings thanks to our partnership approach. Whether it's avoiding landfill costs, developing water efficiency solutions or improving energy efficiency, our teams have the expertise to help businesses big and small exceed their environmental targets while continuously improving their bottom line.

We partner with retail customers to unlock value within waste and guarantee a secure, quality supply of utilities. Our retail customers typically reduce costs and carbon emissions by around 30%, while diverting 98% of their waste away from landfill thanks to our waste, water and energy efficiency solutions.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee wanted to divert more waste from landfill. At the 800 Costa stores and over 370 franchises serviced by Veolia there was little room for recycling bins and in-store segregation had to be as simple as possible. The key goals were to reduce costs through rate reduction, innovation and optimisation. Veolia has combined Costa sales data into their management reports so that spend and tonnage are managed on a site by site basis according to the sites revenue. This means sites only pay for the services they need which provided £120,000 savings in the last financial year.

Veolia UK | Diverting waste from landfill for commercial customers

Retailers can increase energy efficiency by 25% on av.

Up to 30% saving on cost & carbon

34,000 tonnes of food waste to generate bioenergy