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Our journey with Industrial Customers

Keeping the lights on and costs down for UK industry

Keeping the lights on and costs down for UK industry

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding post-Brexit Britain, industry is awaiting some certainty - and the challenge of a steady and reliable supply of energy, water and resources continues. Making resources go further, generating power closer to home, reusing and recycling water and continously improving efficiency are key to reducing risks and costs across the UK's industrial sector.


The Macclesfield facility of one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies houses 15 production units that manufacture medicines. In order to maintain consistent production levels, the units require a stable supply of steam and electricity. So, we installed a new 23MW cogeneration plant equipped with a gas turbine and steam turbine which generates more electricity than its previous incarnation, while reducing the site's carbon footprint.

Veolia UK | Generating electricity for industrial customers
Chemical and pharmaceutical companies can guarantee business continuity via a secure, quality supply of utilities. They can also identify and recover additional resources to divert more waste from landfill, as we continue to help them improve waste, water and energy management.

By 2050, global water demand will increase by 55% compared to 2000

85% of non-hazardous solid waste recovered for one client

97% recycling rate, with the remaining waste sent for energy recovery, one for client