In the UK our energy solutions support the manufacture of over 400,000 vehicles per year and nearly 300,000 tyres.

A secure, reliable, efficient energy supply is a vital part of operations for companies manufacturing vehicles or components for vehicles. As pressures to meet delivery deadlines in a cost-effective way increase the need to have energy utilities available when needed is essential.

As an energy specialist, Veolia works with companies in the automotive sector to analyse production processes and energy infrastructure to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Supply of vital energy utilities

For the automotive industry we supply the vital utilities that ensure product quality and output is mainatained on a 24/7 basis. We design, build and operate multi-utility systems to support vehicle and component manufacturing which delivers secure utilities to key processes. Our utility delivery includes on-site electricity generation, steam, hot water, hot air, compressed air and process water supplies that are key to maintaining quality and reducing emissions. 

In today's fiercely competitive food and drink industries, success is determined by remaining one step ahead of your rivals
The fast paced development of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require an adaptive and flexible utility supply to maintain product quality
A legacy of consistently delivering significant benefits to industrial manufacturing