Biogas/Anaerobic Digestion


Our Combined Heat Power (CHP) plants can be made fully carbon neutral when they are fuelled by Biogas instead of mains gas.

Biogas is derived from the natural breakdown of organic matter. Utilising it as a fuel has a double environmental benefit - it is a carbon neutral fuel providing the same advantages as mains gas fired CHP, and it saves the release of the biogas to the atmosphere where it is potentially more harmful to the environment.

For some applications energy from Biogas is the optimal renewable solution as it can make good use of a site by-product like waste food or slurry. At Veolia and Cogenco, our specialist CHP division, we have many years experience in the careful application of biogas systems, such as anaerobic digestion, as fuel feeds for our CHP systems and have developed the specialist skills needed to operate and maintain these systems at peak performance. We have over 80 biogas fired CHP in operation.


Veolia is now a leading producer of energy from wood biomass for both industrial and municipal heating plants.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants are over twice as efficient as conventional power stations