Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

It's the most anticipated time of year, and it's almost here! We're here to help you countdown to a sustainable Christmas this year with our top Christmas tips.

We are all responsible for looking after our planet, so with a bit of planning, we can all reduce the extra 30% of waste that is produced during the festive period.

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Here's a quick snapshot of what happens to your Christmas waste and recycling

Do you have toys and other items that are no longer useful to you but are still in working order?

This is the perfect time to donate those things so they can be enjoyed by someone else.

Take items down to the Re-users Shop or the Reuse Shop in Birmingham so they can be sold to someone looking for a gift for their loved ones.

This Christmas, a whopping 10 million turkeys will be sold in the UK, weighing a massive 55,000 tonnes – that’s equivalent to more than 620,000 Santas weighing an average of 14 stone each. 


A shocking amount of food is wasted during the festive period, so here some top tips to waste less this Christmas.

Buy Loose

To avoid food waste, buy loose vegetables. It may be cheaper to buy a big bag of veg but it may not be necessary if they won't be eaten or if they end up in the bin. Take a reusable bag to the supermarket and only buy what you will need for the big day.


Watch out for unnecessary supermarket deals

Mince pies are a big favourite over the festive period but don't be tempted with 2-for-1 deals if you know you're not going to eat them all. If they do slip into your basket, why not donate the extra pack to a local food bank.


Love your leftovers

You've worked hard to make Christmas Day the best that it can be. Don't forget to do your bit to reduce food waste by using the leftovers to create a new meal. Leftovers make great lunches for the days in between Christmas and New Year with very little effort!

There are lots of recipe ideas online for inspiration, search for Christmas leftovers recipes.


Storage is everything

Make sure you don't overfill your fridge as it requires space for the air to circulate and for the fridge to work. If it's cold enough, take advantage of the cold weather to store uncooked hardy veg in cold outbuildings to stay fresh. You may also want to consider fridge space for your leftovers at the end of the big day.


If you have excess cardboard packaging build up over Christmas that won't fit into the paper and card pod, you can always bring it down to one of the Household Recycling Centres. Don't forget to book a slot online first.

Please note, our Household Recycling Centre staff will be enjoying Christmas Day and Boxing Day with their families so all five Birmingham sites will be closed on 25 & 26 December 2020.