How will you recycle yours?

Many of us will indulge in a chocolate egg (or two) as part of the Easter festivities. With an estimated 80 million Easter eggs consumed every year, spare a thought for approximately 4,500 tonnes of Easter egg packaging the chocolate eggs are wrapped in. A study by Which? revealed that packaging alone accounts for up to a quarter of the total weight of the most popular Easter eggs on sale on the High Street so i’s important to pick sustainably and recycle wherever possible. 

In recent years, major retailers have started to adapt the packaging to reduce materials to make the  Easter egg boxes more sustainable. This is music to our bunny ears as it makes it easier for Birmingham residents to choose Easter eggs that are better for the planet

Don't forget, any excess packaging that doesn't fit in your recycling bins at home can be brought to the household recycling centres. Be sure to make a booking online ahead of your visit to avoid being turned away - it's quick and easy too.


Tips For Recycling At Easter


Any excess cardboard packaging can be brought to the household recycling centres.

Remember to book a slot before you visit.


Plastic from your Easter egg packaging can't be recycled so make sure it is disposed of with non-recyclable waste.


Easter cards

It's great to celebrate Easter by sharing cards with loved ones. Once Easter has passed, if the cards can't be reused (for crafts, etc.) make sure they don't contain glitter, plastic coating or foil embellishments before recycling them.


Flowers can brighten up any room, but instead of buying a bunch of flowers, perhaps opt for a plant that can last much longer than flowers in a vase.

If you do opt for cut stems and they start to wilt give them a second life by adding them to your home compost bin or bring them along to the recycling centre on your next visit.