Milk bottle journey

Journey of Waste

One of the common plastics used is Natural HDPE to make milk bottles. Here's how milk bottles are recycled back into new milk bottles.

Recycling journey of a milk bottle

Natural HDPE is one of the most commonly used plastics and one of its uses is to make milk bottle. Here is the recycling journey of the milk bottle.

Here is the recycling process of a milk bottle in action.

What happens at a MRF?

Ever wondered how the recycling is sorted at a MRF after it leaves the kerbside and Household Recycling Centres? Here's a video to explain how the materials are  separated before they move on to reprocessors to be turned into something new.

What happens to my recycling?

The materials from your recycling bin (excluding paper and card from the paper pod) go to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to be sorted and separated so they can be sent to reprocessors to be turned into new products. The infographic shows Birmingham’s journey of recycling that is processed by Veolia.

Birmingham Recycling Journey Infographic (193.9 KB)