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Helping HEINEKEN improve
plant reliability and operations

HEINEKEN is the UK’s leading pub, cider and beer company with well known brands such as Strongbow, Bulmers, Heineken®, Foster’s, Kronenbourg 1664 and Desperados. The company has 2,300 employees in the UK over 6 sites and brews more than 90% of its beer in the UK. Around 30% of all UK grown apples are used to produce their ciders, milling around 130,000 tonnes of apples at its cider mill in Ledbury.

The challenge

To handle 10x more effluent in the transition period between the non-milling and milling seasons Heineken needed to reconfigure their water treatment plant to manage this increased capacity efficiently. This presented a unique challenge on the anaerobic and aerobic biological wastewater treatment systems by using innovative treatment processes.

The solution

The Veolia operations and technical team helped Heineken to change the operating strategy of the plant by optimising the anaerobic treatment process so that it can process a minimum of 75% of the trade effluent in the milling season and leaving the aerobic process to process the remainder.

Our experts worked with Heineken team, managing the wastewater treatment plant during seasonal transitions to improve stability and performance cost-effectively.

Plant reliability and operations have been improved through preventative maintenance and new operating strategies in the milling and non-milling season. Efficiency has been improved by evaluating each process, the plant and equipment used for the removal of solids prior to entering the water treatment process, the management of anaerobic digestion (AD), chemical dosing and the management of the biology in aerobic and anaerobic treatment.

Proactive monitoring of the water treatment plant data can be acted upon with alerts for process deviations, excessive wastage and apple quality.

Veolia is now looking at ways to further reduce costs, energy and chemical use including using lean manufacturing techniques.

Value delivered

Veolia continues to work closely with Heineken as an extension of their milling operation, effectively managing the performance of the waste water treatment plant at all times, and delivering continuous improvement to optimise processes, increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

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