Chilton Energy Centre - A sustainable local energy source for the future


  • The new 17.5MegaWatt energy centre in Chilton will generate renewable electricity and export electricity to the grid. This is sufficient to supply 23,000 homes.
  • A proposal is being developed for local district heating which will provide a modern local environmentally energy source for the community in Chilton
  • The energy centre will annually use 120,000 tonnes recycled wood (biomass) as a fuel source which avoids landfill
  • The used wood will be sourced locally, processed and used on-site.
  • The energy centre will provide local environmental, economic and community benefits and aid regeneration.

Environmental benefits:

  • Recycled wood, extracted after its primary use, is used as a fuel source which cuts the use of fossil fuels.
  • CO2 emissions are greatly reduced as recycled wood represents a carbon neutral fuel - CO2 emissions are reduced by 115,000 tonnes per year
  • Heat from the generation process can be used as a heating and hot water source for buildings - this is more efficient than separate boilers.
  • All aspects of the scheme will be controlled to ensure the energy centre is a good neighbour and supports the community
 Economic and general benefits
  • Wood chips are directly supplied to the energy centre - this guarantees a long-term controlled low cost fuel supply.
  • The energy centre provides local employment opportunities during construction and operation.
  • It will provide a regeneration focus for Chilton and provides a centre of excellence for this type of renewable energy
  • The energy centre will provide educational opportunities as a centre of excellence for sustainable renewable energy.
  • Dalkia has financed, designed, built and will maintain the new energy centre
  • The new energy centre is designed to pass all current and future environmental legislation