Commitments and progress

Our performance during the year reflects the initial benefits of our transformation plan and we are proud to have achieved or exceeded most of what we planned to. However, we are also clear that the vision of moving our business, and our economy, towards a circular economy calls for targets that push our innovation to new limits. Therefore, we have not achieved some of our objectives and this means we can keep challenging ourselves to do more.

2013 commitments and progress

Marketplace Workplace Community
Commitment Performance Commitment Performance Commitment Performance
Maintain > 75% brand awareness 79% Reduce the number of accidents in the workplace by 30% 11% reduction 40 grant applications for the Environmental Trust sponsored by our people 47 applications
    Reduce Environment Agency compliance classification scores to <1 Achieved    
    Create one plan to improve organisation diversity in management per region Achieved    


Marketplace Workplace Community
Commitment Performance Commitment Performance Commitment Performance
Implement 5 innovations focusing on environmental efficiency and leadership 5 innovations Maintain carbon performance

ratio above 1
1.03 CPR Implement biodiversity action plans at 95% of significant sites 100%

Sell 60,000 (30 litre) bags of compost
63,501 bags Achieve a 5% increase in saved emissions 2.8%    
Export 10,000  ‘biscuits’ – solid fuel from waste 5,126 biscuits        
Sell 25,000 litres of ‘soup’ – liquid fuel from waste 27,003 litres        


Marketplace Workplace Community
Commitment Performance Commitment Performance Commitment Performance
Achieve £134.7m operating income £129.9m Achieve employee engagement score of 71% 62% Generate 120,000 MWh of energy for district heating schemes 133,651 MWh
Achieve £-7m  free cash flow £22.5m Achieve employee leadership score of 70% 64%    
    Employ 300 apprentices 354 apprentices    

2014 commitments






Achieve 85% brand awareness

Reduce Lost Time Injury Frequency rate by 10%

Increase employee diversity score by 2% (baseline 2013)

Increase employee engagement and leadership scores by 2% (baseline 2013)

50 grant applications for the Environmental
Trust sponsored by our people


Sell 10 million litres of ‘soup’ - liquid fuel from food waste

Ensure our Environment Agency compliance
classification scores are <1

Sell 174,000 (30 litre) bags of compost

Become a net carbon positive business

Implement and maintain biodiversity action
plans at 100% of significant sites

Generate 11,550GWh of energy and 130,000MWh of heat from waste for communities


Achieve £196.2m operating cash flow

Achieve £27.2m free cash flow

Achieve supplier satisfaction (tier 1) of 64%

20 new ideas submitted to the innovation forum
(5 piloted to market)

Increase energy production at Seafield wastewater
treatment plant by 20%

Ensure all eligible employees achieve NVQ level 2
or equivalent

We deliver on our commitments through rigorous policies and governance structures. We’ve publicly set company-wide targets, which are linked to employee remuneration systems. And as part of our stakeholder engagement, we’re also setting sustainability targets for suppliers, and helping customers measure and manage their impact.  

While the numbers keep us on track, our performance is best told through the stories of real people and places, which you will find throughout this review. For our work in integrating sustainability throughout our business in 2013, Veolia won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development, the UK’s highest accolade for business success. We also came second in Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility Index.