Community Energy

community housing energy


In the UK, district heating is becoming increasingly important to help achieve of environmental commitments and the move towards Level 6 in the Code for Sustainable Housing. District heating results in improved energy performance and reduced carbon footprint of a site.

Supplying sustainable energy to homes, communities and commercial buildings is a key part of lowering our impact on the environment. As Europe’s leading supplier of community energy, Veolia designs, builds and operates community energy schemes that now support millions of homes and other buildings, giving long-term energy supply from proven energy efficient and renewable technologies.

Veolia’s energy schemes serve large and small communities which support different roles from housing to public buildings, business parks to educational campuses. Building occupiers and users benefit from reliable utility supplies that deliver enhanced comfort conditions and price stability, and at the same time help protect the environment we all share.

Veolia can offer a total solution from inception through to operation and maintenance. Our specialist project and engineering teams bring you expert advice and implementation:

  • Evaluation
  • Solution
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel procurement and supply
  • Energy distribution, metering and billing
  • Management of ESCOs
  • Emissions trading
  • Environmental compliance

We back our solutions through the provision of performance guarantees. By controlling our contracts through Energy management agreements we take responsibility to deliver contractual service levels and specific metered supplies and these form the basis of our remuneration.

District Heating