Education Outreach Programmes

Education Outreach


Professional and sympathetic communications aimed at people of all ages are a key element of our integrated waste management contracts.

Working proactively with our clients, we implement a range of innovative and energetic communications and promotional campaigns, designed to increase awareness of waste issues, encourage waste reduction and engage all sectors of the community.

We’ve found the most effective way to win hearts and minds is to listen as well as educate.  We don’t just inform residents of our plans; we take the message out to them, affording everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Working with our Local Authority partner, we develop a communications strategy, including Community Liaison meetings, doorstepping campaigns, roadshows, focus groups, school visits and promotions.  These are supported by direct mail and advertising and dedicated websites where users can access the latest information.

The best community recycling champions are often found in the younger generation, so one of our key objectives is to reach out to young people and educate them in good recycling habits.  Our extensive school visiting programme takes the message out to children with workshops and competitions aimed at raising the profile of recycling in the area.  New facilities often incorporate a visitor centre or an exhibition room where school children, as well as other interested stakeholders, can learn first hand what is happening to their waste.

Our education outreach has proven its value in raising recycling rates and interest in the techniques used to manage waste across our contracts.