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A legacy of consistently delivering significant benefits to industrial manufacturing

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important part of maintaining competitiveness for manufacturing industry. Increased awareness of environmental factors, such as reducing carbon emissions, and fluctuating fuel costs are driving a sharper focus on energy consumption.

As an energy specialist, Veolia works with industrial companies to analyse production processes and energy infrastructure to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Designing, building and operating energy facilities

Having the energy facilities that are most appropriate to on-site activity is a key aspect of effective energy management in manufacturing. Veolia’s energy experts use their experience of working with a wide variety of manufacturing companies to accurately assess energy needs and prepare the best possible plan.

Veolia has the experience to manage all aspects of designing, building, operating and maintaining energy facilities with a focus on delivering the energy our customers require while reducing consumption and costs.

Our clients rely on Veolia to manage steam production, cooling, compressed air, vacuum, co-generation and power networks.

Improving energy performance

Veolia carries out an energy audit to identify areas for improvement. This audit allows us to develop a plan with our customers to upgrade facilities, implement planned maintenance and monitor energy performance to reduce consumption. Our energy monitoring centres allow us to prepare regular reports highlighting opportunities to save energy and reduce energy costs.

On industrial sites Veolia's CHP plants provide electricity and heat (in the form of steam, hot water, hot air or refrigeration) for manufacturing and processing. They can be fired on gas or renewable fuels such as biomass, biogas or biodiesel. Our CHP plants in industrial applications provide an electricity generation capacity of  73 MWe ( enough to power 96,000 homes) . 

By harnessing the heat produced in the generating process and reducing transmission over long distances by being site based the CHPs save energy and carbon. They are typically twice as energy efficient as grid supplied electricity and separate heat plant. This reduces the carbon emissions for our industrial CHP customers by 158,000 tonnes per year (equivalent to removing 124,000 cars from the road each year).

Local presence and expertise

Our on-site teams, backed up by our energy and technical experts, provide our customers with ready access to the energy expertise required to manage any issues that may arise and to react quickly to changes in activity or market conditions.

1,100 MW of heat supplied

Electricity generation capacity of 73 MWe

Carbon emissions reduced by 158,000 tonnes per year

In today's fiercely competitive food and drink industries, success is determined by remaining one step ahead of your rivals
The fast paced development of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require an adaptive and flexible utility supply to maintain product quality
For the automotive industry we supply the vital utilities that ensure product quality and output is mainatained on a 24/7 basis