A great place to work

Veolia engages employees by offering inclusive learning and development opportunities and creating safe and healthy workplaces. Although there was not a full employee engagement survey in 2013, we carried out a ‘temperature check’ survey to ensure that we are moving in the right direction in four key areas: diversity, leadership, continuity, and health and wellbeing. We have created action plans based on the responses, which came from over 62% of employees, to ensure improvements are in place at site level.

Why talent is key to business growth

At Veolia, we see all employees as talented and we do everything we can to nurture these talents. Tapping into the strengths that motivate and energise our people is how we ensure engagement and business growth:

Develop employee skills. Create a culture of high performance. Build a customer-focused agenda. Deliver the best service.

In 2013, employee satisfaction continued to rise but we saw declines in engagement levels and leadership scores. Employees are telling us we need to listen more, celebrate our successes and move more quickly on responding to changes. We will be focusing on these areas in 2014, with a view to meeting our target of increasing our employee engagement and leadership score by 2% relative to 2013.

A culture of innovation

Leading the way towards a circular economy requires a culture of innovation at Veolia. We have dedicated Change Leaders to make this happen around the business, as well as Innovation Managers to enable employees at all levels to share ideas. We give all our employees the opportunity to pitch ideas through our Innovation Forums