Circular Economy Case Studies

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Growing profits from nutrient-rich waste

ReNu fertiliser from waste products

When biomass, such as wood or organic matter, is used as a fuel to produce heat and electricity, a solid residue is produced called biomass ash, which contains many macro and micronutrients.

The ash may be rich in phosphate or potash; these are important non-renewable minerals that are used to produce fertilisers for the agricultural industry.

We are trialling a process to unlock the commercial potential of biomass ash by remanufacturing it as a nutrient rich fertiliser which will also contain important trace elements.

Once collected and granulated, it can be repackaged and sold to be used in the agricultural industry. This scheme will help businesses to conserve natural resources and develop more sustainable closed-loop waste solutions to replacing important nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements back in to the land.