Cut down on your Christmas 'waste-line'

This Christmas, Veolia Environmental Services is encouraging Hampshire residents to have a ‘green’ Christmas by reducing, re-using and recycling as much of their festive waste as possible!

At this time of year, the more organised among us are busily writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents; but most of us don't realise how much waste we create every Christmas. Each year in the UK, we use enough wrapping paper to stretch around the equator nine times, or to the moon!

Veolia’s Waste Minimisation Manager, Keely Gallagher, says: “Instead of buying rolls and rolls of wrapping paper that will only end up in the bin, why not wrap presents in any unusual paper you already have lying around, or in an attractive scarf which can be reused during the cold winter weather?
"However, if you’re dead set on using wrapping paper, what about using string, ribbon or wool for sealing gifts, rather than sticky tape? The ribbon and paper can then be used again to wrap another gift.” 
The statistics for Christmas cards are just as shocking. Every year, we throw away an astounding 1 billion Christmas cards. That’s 17 each for every man, woman and child in the UK!
Veolia’s Projects Director, Richard Johnson said: “Although it’s nice to send and receive Christmas cards, they can be one of the most wasteful festive items. Instead of sending cards, perhaps send a Christmas e-card to friends, family and colleagues.
"If you normally send cards to more than one person at the same address such as at work, why not place just one card in a communal area and pledge the money you saved to charity? After Christmas, try saving your cards and using them to make gift tags next year. Finally, when Christmas is over, make sure you recycle your Christmas cards by popping them into your kerbside recycling bin.”
Veolia’s Christmas e-card can be viewed online, starring a team of staff sending a festive recycling message. Visit 

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