"Let It Grow" During Compost Awareness Week

Veolia Environmental Services is raising awareness of Pro-Grow to celebrate the eleventh annual Compost Awareness Week – a national week aimed to encourage people to compost their garden waste.

In Hampshire, green garden waste whether collected from homes or taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres across the county is recycled locally into Pro-Grow.  Pro-Grow is a certified organic, peat-free soil conditioner which is great for letting your garden grow.

Over six months, Hampshire’s garden waste is transformed at Veolia’s composting sites using a completely natural process.  Only rainwater is added, but weeds, seeds and any pesticides are completely destroyed. 

Choosing a peat-free, locally produced compost instead of the alternatives is a great choice for the environment.  Collected, recycled and used locally, far less miles are needed to transport the material.  Peat is effectively a non-renewable resource, so its extraction is unsustainable, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and damages rare habitats and archaeology.

Composting Manager for Veolia Environmental Services in Hampshire, Ed Watson, said: “As a product which can be made locally in Hampshire, Pro-Grow is environmentally beneficial and is derived from an entirely renewable source.” Telephone 0800 072 2369 or email [email protected] to find out more or order some Pro-Grow.