Turn over a new leaf in the garden this autumn

As the weather starts to cool down and autumn takes hold, many gardeners are out in the garden collecting leaves, planting winter seeds and planning bulbs for spring flowering. If you can’t compost your leaves and grass cuttings at home, why not take advantage of Pro-Grow, an organic soil conditioner which is available at local Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

Garden waste that is collected in Hampshire is sent to one of Veolia Environmental Services’ three composting sites, where it is transformed into Pro-Grow soil conditioner. The composting process takes nearly six months, and involves shredding and regularly turning the material in long windrows which can reach temperatures of up to 75ºC to destroy any weeds and seeds. The final stages of the process involve screening, or sieving the material, to ensure a fine grade making a product that is easy to work into the soil.

Pro-Grow is an ideal growing medium and provides nutrients vital to plant health and growth, helping to produce healthy and vibrant plants and shrubs, as well as improving the quality of the soil. At this time of year, seeds germinate quickly in warm soil; the best vegetables to plant include cabbages, kale and Brussels sprouts.

Ed Watson, Veolia’s Composting Manager said, “Pro-Grow can also be used to break down heavy clay soils to improve drainage. If your garden gets waterlogged in the winter months Pro-Grow can really help.”

So when you are visiting your local HWRC to drop off your garden waste don’t forget to close the recycling loop by picking up a bag or two of Pro-Grow, or call the order hotline on 01962 764068 for delivery options. To find your nearest HWRC, or for general advice and information about recycling, please visit www.recycleforhampshire.org.uk.


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