Bruce Grove School children turn their nose up at dog mess

On-street poster campaign challenges dog fouling

A poster campaign created by pupils of Bruce Grove Primary School in Tottenham, and funded by Veolia’s Recycling Fund for Communities, is now on display at four locations in the area.

In a recent survey of Haringey residents, 16% stated that dog mess was their primary concern with regards to the cleanliness of streets and estates. It is unpleasant for both adults and children using the pavements and can have a significant effect on morale and attitude towards the area and the community. Despite the presence of warning signs, dog fouling remains a common occurrence.

Together with the Beautiful Bruce Grove group and Veolia, children from the local primary school created artwork to discourage dog owners from leaving dog mess in the street. These have been transformed into large signs that have been mounted on walls in the Bruce Grove area with the respective owners’ permission. 

The collaboration is part of a wider campaign in the area to combat littering and encourage pride in the local environment. Previously, Veolia, the Beautiful Bruce Grove group and primary school children created anti-littering posters, which successfully led to a decrease in litter in the area.

Paul Peters, Senior Contracts Manager for Veolia in Haringey, said: 

“Supporting good community initiatives such as this very worthy project is important to us at Veolia Haringey. It helps develop an understanding that everyone has a part to play in keeping the borough clean and safe. The children have done a fantastic job with these posters and we hope that it has the desired effect in reducing the amount of dog mess left on the streets by inconsiderate dog owners.”

Catherine Suttle, who runs the Beautiful Bruce Grove group that applied to Veolia for the funding, said:

No-one likes treading in dog mess , but sadly it happens. We got together with Veolia and the Bruce Grove Primary School to do something about it. The school children created beautiful pictures and Veolia gave us generous funds to get the pictures printed as large, easily visible signs and have them mounted on walls locally. Local businesses (Mems DIY and Cheeky Vape), residents and the School allowed their walls to be used, and we now have four fantastic signs in different parts of Bruce Grove.

Catherine Butler, Teacher and Creative Arts Co-ordinator at Bruce Grove Primary School, said:
The children in Bruce Grove Primary Art Club worked really hard designing and creating posters to raise awareness of the issue of dog mess in the local area.  Four of the children's posters were chosen to become permanent signs.  They were delighted to see their work displayed on the streets around the school.  Hopefully their work will encourage people in the community to clean up after their dogs and help to make the area more attractive.  Thank you to Beautiful Bruce Grove and Veolia for making this happen.”

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