Getting to know the Unusual Suspects

Campaign educating residents on different things they can recycle at home

Veolia Haringey has launched a new campaign targeting residents in Crouch End and Bounds Green, trying to encourage them to recycle even more materials from their homes.
Thanks to funding secured from Resource London to mark this year’s Recycle Week, the Veolia Outreach team are holding a series of drop-by sessions and doorknocking 8,000 households in Crouch End and Bounds Green, two areas that Veolia has identified as being potentially high performing in terms of the amount of waste residents from these areas recycled.
The first event was held in Crouch End Library, attracting numerous local residents keen to receive information on what other items can be recycled from the home, such as bathroom products.  Further events will be announced in due course.
Paul Peters, Veolia’s Senior Contract Manager in Haringey, said: “Haringey residents are now recycling more than ever, but there will often be items that get forgotten about when recycling at home. This campaign is a great way of highlighting those ‘unusual suspects’ and encouraging residents to ask the question as to whether certain items can go in the recycling bin or not, rather than automatically chucking them out in their general waste bin.”
Cllr Peray Ahmet, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Recycling rates in Haringey have increased radically in recent years but this campaign will help to target the ‘unusual suspects’ people don’t often consider to be part of their recycled waste. As Cabinet Member for Environment I am happy to support initiatives that contribute towards making Haringey a greener and better maintained borough where people are proud to live and work”.