Haringey and Veolia appeal to green-fingered residents

As a way to encourage residents to reap the great benefits of gardening, Haringey Council and its environmental partner, Veolia, are once again promoting their annual Garden Waste Collection Service. Subscribing to the service will not only make it easier for residents to dispose of their waste, but also allow them to spend more time focusing on their garden.


Haringey residents can benefit from being able to recycle their clippings, branches, leaves and prunings, whilst also ensuring that their waste is being disposed of correctly and sustainably. The collected waste is taken to in-vessel composting sites in London and Cambridge to eventually become part of a nutrient-rich compost.


The current garden waste subscription service in Haringey ends on 31st March 2022 and is therefore due for renewal. New and renewing subscribers have three options to choose from: a large wheeled bin (240 litres) costs £75 each year, a small one (140 litres) costs £55 each year, while biodegradable sacks - ideal for those who have no space for an additional bin in their front garden - also cost £55 per supply of 60 sacks, equivalent to a year’s worth of the smaller bin collections.

As part of the service, Veolia will collect from each subscriber every week on their normal recycling and waste collection day. Permits are issued to all Bins customers which must be affixed to their bin and be clearly visible to the collection crew so they are aware residents have an active service. Residents also have the option of paying for additional containers through their subscription should they need the extra room, or if all three options are too large for a resident's garden waste, they can consider sharing a container with their neighbour to split the cost. 

Residents can subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service by visiting https://wasteservicesportal.veolia.co.uk/HaringeyGardenWaste/, which has a Direct Debit option for Bins customers, providing peace of mind and less hassle when it comes to renewing the service in following years - this will be processed automatically. The other option is arranging payment via the Veolia Contact Centre by calling 020 8885 7700.

It is important to note that the service only runs to 31st March each year, regardless of when a resident signs up to it. To ensure a full year of weekly collections, residents should sign up prior to 1st April.

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