Spring is in the air and the weeds know about it!

Find out all of the information that you need to know about weed removal in Haringey.


A weed is commonly known as ‘any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted’.  As much as we like to see open green spaces full of plant life we don’t want plants growing between paving slabs or along the edge of the road.

The number of weeds growing increases throughout the months of spring due to the increased temperature and sunlight.

Weed Removal:

At the end of April and into May (weather permitting) Veolia in Haringey will start taking steps to remove the weeds to prevent growth ahead of the summer.

To remove the weeds we apply a herbicide to the areas of growth which kills the weeds and then once they have turned a brown colour (which should take approximately 2 weeks) we manually scrape the weeds out of the ground to prevent quick regrowth.  To combat long term regrowth the process will take place again in approximately July and September. Veolia Environmental Services operates a flexible system and will conduct monitoring to take variations in the weather into account. Veolia Environmental Services works to ensure that the weeds are successfully removed whilst minimising the use of herbicides.

Out at about you will see the team using three methods to apply the herbicide:

1.                   Application using an Intelligent Technology Systems (which looks like a ride on lawn mower)
2.                   Vehicle Mounted Sprayer Herbicide Application (which looks like a street cleansing vehicle)
3.                   Knapsack Herbicide Application (which looks like a backpack)

About the Herbicide and application:

·         The Herbicide we use is a non hazardous product and is suitable to be used externally
·         Herbicides will not be applied in residential areas until after 8.00am (or after 9.00am in the vicinity of schools and similar properties), spraying will normally be completed by 4.30pm (or 3.30pm in the vicinity of schools and similar properties). 
·         Nearby watercourses, drains, other environmental factors and neighbouring properties are taken into account when spraying takes place.  
·         The product has a 97% reduction in waste packaging compared to other products


For more information please call us on 020 8885 7700 or email [email protected]