Timed waste collections coming to Haringey

Twice-daily set timed rubbish collections from homes above shops and local businesses are to be introduced in a bid to keep Haringey cleaner.

The brand new seven-days-a-week service will see traders and residents on all main roads given two allocated timed slots each day to leave bags out for collection by Haringey Council’s waste contractor, Veolia.

Night-time collections will return to a number of roads, while special pink colour-coded waste sacks for residents will make it easier to spot and tackle fly-tipping.

Residents and traders will be offered a chance to comment on the proposed time slots for their streets, with the allocated times meaning rubbish stays out for the shortest possible time before being collected.

The timed collections, which follow a successful pilot on eight roads, are part of a package of changes to waste services in Haringey as the council looks to keep the borough clean whilst making the most of reducing resources.

The council yesterday (Monday 14 December) approved further changes, including weekly street sweeping for all residential roads, and the removal of some street recycling bins where they are being misused or targeted by fly-tippers.

The commitment to take tough action against fly-tipping and littering and to clearing all reported fly-tips within 24-hours remains and these changes pave the way for this to be ramped up significantly.

Cllr Stuart McNamara, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“Feedback from traders clearly showed a wish to see a return to night-time collections to give them greater flexibility about when to leave rubbish out, and we’re happy to have been able to meet this.

“The council’s budget has been slashed by the government, and waste collection is no exception to the extra pressure this brings. We hope that these improved measures will make the best of our resources while also helping to keep Haringey clean.

“We’re also introducing uniform once-weekly street sweeps to all residential roads and we’ll be relying on residents and traders to play their part. They can do this by not littering, by ensuring they only leave waste out for collection during the allotted times and by reporting dumping where they see it, so that together we can help keep the borough’s streets cleaner. In line with clear public demands we will be increasing our enforcement against those who continue to litter, fly-tip or put waste out at the wrong times.”

Extra street cleaning crews will be on hand for the first six months of the changes to street sweeping, to ensure that any urgent sweeping can be carried out and there will be extra sweeps to deal with autumn leaf fall.