WOW! Awards Showcase Schools’ Successes

Haringey pupils and teachers recognised for eco-efforts

The 4th annual Veolia Haringey War On Waste Award Ceremony was recently held at Cufos, in the shadow of Alexandra Palace.
Schools across the borough were invited to submit entries into one of five categories that highlighted their achievements in raising awareness and encouraging participation in recycling and other environment-focussed initiatives amongst staff and students.
The five categories and their winners are:
Primary School Pupil of the Year:
William Dean, from St Aidan’s School
William has commited himself to spread his understanding of recycling and waste to other students at school, and has taking responsibilities to make recycling happen.
Secondary School Pupil of the Year:
Stanislaw from St Thomas Moore School
He came up with changes that helped the school achieve Eco-School status. He also made an excellent poster which was used as the inspiration for the Eco-School board.
Best Eco Group War on Waste Initiative (joint award):
Star Squad from Crowland Primary School: for their work in the Textile recycling project: they delivered an assembly to the whole school about textile waste and reduce, reuse, recycle.  They then ran a swishing event where people brought in over 600 items to be swapped for ‘new’ items.  This was a huge success and is now run every term.
Best Eco Group War on Waste Initiative (joint award):
Star Squad from Coldfall Primary School, for their commitment in helping the environment, they are running a campaign about litter: what a load of rubbish keeps COLDFALL clean, they had done litter pick-ups, and posters so that all years can get involved in their project
Staff Member of the Year:
Rosalind Dodd from Highgate Wood School and Arts College, for her initiative and encouragement in their recycling composting project
Volunteer of the Year:
Vanessa Jackson-Reeves from Riverside School, for all her invaluable help with the different school projects and her drive and willingness to make things happen
Commenting on the award entrants, Dan Lester, Veolia Haringey’s Communications, Education & Outreach Manager, said: “It is fantastic to see all the hard work and dedication that Haringey pupils, teachers and volunteers have put into developing recycling initiatives and eco-schemes within their school environments.  Judging these awards was extremely difficult, which just goes to show how much the schools care about improving the environment and building a sustainable future for generations to come.”
Haringey schools can also apply for a grant from Veolia to fund their environmental projects, with the next round of funding to be allocated in September.  For further information please contact the Veolia Haringey Education Team on 07800 584 299 or [email protected]