Xmas Excitement for the Environment

Handy hints and tips to have a green Christmas

Veolia and Haringey Council are encouraging all of the borough’s residents to think green this festive period to ensure as much of the excess waste generated at this time of year as possible is recycled.
Just the amount of tin foil alone that gets used over Christmas is enough to cover Haringey 130 times! And providing it doesn’t have any food stuck to it, all of that foil can be recycled in your green-lidded recycling bin.
Think smart with your choice of wrapping paper: did you know that any foil-based or glittery wrapping paper cannot actually be recycled? Choose plain paper wrapping, recycled paper, gift bags or even colourful fabrics to wrap up your gifts to loved ones.  It’s the same with Greetings Cards – anything glittery can only go in the general waste bin, so use non-glittery cards to avoid unnecessary waste. Or even go digital and send e-cards to your friends and family instead. And why not turn last year’s cards into this year’s gift tags?
The amount of food we eat often increases at this time of year, and in turn so does the amount of food waste we produce. According to food poverty charity FoodCycle, in the UK we throw away 2 million turkeys, 5 million Christmas Puddings and a staggering 74 million Mince Pies every year! Not to mention huge amounts of vegetables, fruit and snacks. Most leftover food can be frozen, but you can also use the bones from the turkey to make a delicious stock. Where you do have food waste, be sure to use your kitchen caddy and food waste bin so it can be recycled.
Cllr Ahmet, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Please remember to separate your turkey from your tin foil this Christmas to ensure that all items are being recycled properly. Recycling rates in Haringey have improved significantly recently but putting food items in the green-lidded recycling bin can have a huge impact on the amount of waste that can be recycled successfully. Don’t have all your hard work this year get stuffed at Christmas by putting the wrong items in the recycling bin!”
Once all the festivities have ended, the presents have been taken out of their packaging and the decorations removed from the tree, many residents are often left with large packaging and an old tree that they need to dispose of. All cardboard can be flattened down and placed in the recycling bin if it fits, however packing products such as polystyrene, polythene and packing peanuts need to be disposed of in the general waste bin. The Christmas Tree can be cut up into 1 metre lengths and placed in the garden waste sack, or taken to one of the borough’s Reuse & Recycling Centres in Park View Road, Tottenham or Western Road, Wood Green. Alternatively, the tree can be taken to one of several Haringey parks that accept the trees for a limited period in January. Please visit www.haringey.gov.uk for more information.
Remember, your collection day for recycling, food waste and general waste for the two weeks starting Boxing Day will be one day later than your usual collection day. Please visit www.haringey.gov.uk for further details.
For further information on what to do with your festive waste, or to order a food waste kitchen caddy and/or food waste bin, please contact the Veolia Contact Centre on [email protected] or 020 8885 7700.