Veolia Haringey class of pupils doing a recycling workshop

In-school workshops


We offer fun, interactive, curriculum-linked activities for pupils to learn and experience different aspects of the 3Rs at school. We can offer workshops to KS1 and KS2 pupils.

The Race to Recycle (1 hour workshop)

Sorting rubbish relay, follow the story of recycling and find out what it gets turned into!

Curriculum links

  • Science: Properties and changes of materials
  • Geography: Humanand physical Geography
  • PE: Acquiring and developing skills

Papermaking (90 minute workshop)

Learn about how paper is recycled and make your very own piece of recycled paper.

Please note, this session requires:  

  • A teacher/teaching assistant to run an activity (preferably outside of the classroom) with half the class, then swap over. ​​
  • A teacher/teaching assistant to stay with the Education Officer during the papermaking.​ 
  • Access to water and a power outlet. 
  • At least 45 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to clear away.

Curriculum links

  • Science: Properties and changes of materials. 
  • Design & Technology: Make 
  • Geography: Human and physical Geography

Clever Composting! (1 hour workshop)

What is compost? Who eats at the Compost Café? Meet nature’s greatest recycler – the worm, investigate what they like to eat and make a mini-compost bin!

Curriculum links

  • Science: Working scientifically; Living things and their habitats; Animals, including humans.
  • Design & Technology: Make​


3Rs - The Reusable Suspects (70-80 minute workshop)

The story of rubbish, making environmentally-friendly envelopes and designing a funky reusable bag.

Curriculum links

  • Design and Technology: Make;
  • English: Writing – Composition; Writing – Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation;
  • Geography: Human and physical geography;

Here are a few things that teachers have said about our in-school workshops:

text-align-center"The session was enjoyed by all. Appropriate length and all pupils were able to achieve."

text-align-center"We have thoroughly enjoyed your sessions. The students loved it and wanted to do it again." 

Please get in touch to book one of these sessions.