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Street Cleansing services in Haringey

Street Cleansing Changes

Please be advised that as of January 2016 all residential streets are now swept once a week, Mondays to Fridays. Town Centres and main high streets have a constant presence throughout the day, while other main roads are on a once to twice daily sweep by mobile teams.

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Click on the link above to find out the days of sweep for each residential road in the borough.

Proactive Graffiti Removal Service for Businesses

Commencing April 2021 is a six-month programme of free removal of graffiti and flyposting for businesses that opt-in to the scheme.

A dedicated team is traversing the borough on a Ward-by-Ward basis proactively tackling graffiti and businesses are being offered the opportunity to have any graffiti on their shutters or elsewhere on their premises removed free of charge. This service is in addition to the team already in place that acts on reported instances of graffiti (and also undertakes some proactive work as well).

Letters and Waivers are being delivered to businesses in a phased approach over these six months, and businesses will have 7 days from receipt of the letter to contact the Veolia Contact Centre with their signed and completed Waiver to book their removal slot for the following week, when the team will be in their area.


The order of Wards is as follows:

Bounds Green

Noel Park

Seven Sisters

West Green

Bruce Grove

Northumberland Park

Tottenham Hale


Tottenham Green

White Hart Lane


St Ann’s


Crouch End

Stroud Green

Muswell Hill



Fortis Green


Here are some FAQs about the service:

How often can I use this service?

The Council are providing a dedicated proactive service to businesses for 6 months and will review further proactive service provision depending upon demand


What if more graffiti appears after the time has passed?

Please contact us to register your interest for future removal or you can use a removal service of your choice.


Why is the offer only available for 7 days from receipt of the letter?

We need to provide the opportunity to premises in every Ward in the borough.


Why do I need to sign and return a Waiver?

This acts as a contract between the two parties and confirms that while we will take every reasonable step to prevent any damage caused by the removal process, we cannot be held liable if any damage occurs.


When will you be able to undertake the removal?

We will discuss with you a convenient date and time for the removal to take place within the next week. Please ensure you provide your contact details to enable this.


Will I need to be present?

If the removal is required for your shutters then you do not necessarily need to be present, however please ensure your shutters are fully down so we can undertake the removal at the agreed time.


What do you use to remove the graffiti?

We use a combination of hot water jetting and cleaning agents designed to remove paint. In some instances, graffiti will be painted over.


What happens if I don’t use the service?

The Council is reviewing its enforcement policy of graffiti. If you do not make use of the free service, you may be served with a formal notice by our Enforcement Service in the future.


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