Health, safety and wellbeing


In 2013, we saw a 12% reduction in workplace accidents. We are proud of this but we want to see zero accidents. With over 90% of workplace accidents caused by unsafe actions, our approach goes far beyond compliance to changing behaviours and attitudes. Each year we run a number of initiatives to raise awareness including ‘toolbox talks’ which are held regularly at depot level, and seasonal campaigns to address key issues like ‘slips, trips and falls’ every winter. We are also training employees in behaviour observation techniques to encourage colleagues to be safety aware. Going forward to 2016, WorkSafe, our workplace behaviour campaign, will highlight safe behaviours to all employees.
We partner with expert organisations on this. For instance, in conjunction with Transport for London and Cycle Confident, we have delivered safe urban driving training to over 600 drivers across the London region. The course focuses on vulnerable road users, including cyclists, and is the first accredited course in the UK to include practical, on-road cycle training for drivers. It also counts towards the 35 hours of Certificate of Professional Competence training that professional lorry drivers need to complete by September 2014.

Helping smaller enterprises in site safety

Our approach to health and safety extends beyond our own employees to support other businesses in our neighbourhoods. Veolia is proud to be an active board member of the government’s Estates Excellence (EE) initiative. 

EE targets industrial estates with poor accident histories, ill-health statistics or high fire risks. Its collaboration of businesses ‘adopt’ small and medium enterprises for six weeks to benchmark their performance, and provide training in site safety and occupational health support. Participation is entirely voluntary and all services, including training, are provided free of charge.

Employee wellness

We run wellness programmes, available to all our people, to encourage healthy lifestyles. These include a cycle2work discount scheme, access to a confidential helpline for personal or work-related issues, our welfare clinic including physiotherapy services, and a health check which gives employees the opportunity to have their pulse, blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.  

38% reduction in Lost Time Incidents


“The energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by Veolia and their active involvement at board level demonstrate true partnership working.”
The UK Government Health and Safety Executive