Veolia UK | Heysham proposals

The proposals

Veolia, a UK leader in environmental solutions, has recently submitted a planning application for a prospective Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in Heysham to respond to Lancashire’s ongoing and future waste needs.

Currently, much of Lancashire’s household waste and similar waste from offices and shops is being sent to landfill or treated outside the County. However, Veolia’s proposals represent a sustainable approach to treat the County’s waste and will create enough electricity to power 60,000 homes a year, as well as economic benefits for the local community.

The facility would deliver substantial economic investment of approximately £200m, with up to 45 new full-time jobs and will support the Heysham Gateway regeneration and Heysham Energy Coast initiatives.

The plans will also deliver tender opportunities for local businesses and suppliers, and other supply chain benefits will also be provided during construction, as well as the creation of up to 350 construction jobs and many indirect jobs during the build programme.

What is an Energy Recovery Facility?

The ERF will burn Lancashire’s household and similar waste from offices and shops at high temperatures, heating water to generate steam. The steam will drive a turbine and a generator to produce enough low carbon energy to meet the equivalent electricity requirements of approximately 60,000 homes per year.

The ERF will be built using state of the art technology and will meet or exceed the strictest national emissions regulations set by the Environment Agency.

What happens next?

As a responsible company, Veolia has hosted four public exhibitions on our proposals to allow local residents to speak to the development team about our plans. A planning application has now been submitted to Lancashire County Council and you can view the documents relating to this by visiting the County's Planning Portal at and using the reference number LCC/2019/0021.