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Manufacturers all want to focus on just one thing: their core business.

Managing the energy demand of production facilities, reducing CO2 emissions, ensuring that production processes and outputs meet the strictest environmental, quality and regulatory standards while tackling the rising costs of operation; these are just some of the challenges faced by manufacturing industry every day. We work with major industry sectors to help our customers remain competitive and sustainable.

The ideas and innovations that will impact the future of industry in 2050 and release £4 billion in hidden value.

Managing risk

Risk is a part of being in business. A key to a successful business is understanding and managing the major risks facing your business. Any risk to day-to-day production, such as an interruption to energy supply or unexpected maintenance work, can have a serious impact on your business.

Rising costs of operations

All organisations are under continuous pressure to control costs and deliver value for money. Energy costs are among that highest that many businesses face and careful management of these costs can help improve competitiveness.

Increasing regulation and stricter environmental standards

Manufacturing industry is faced with ever increasing regulations and standards to be complied with. These may come at national level from organisations like the Environment Agency, at international level from the EU or at corporate level from targets put in place by Corporate Social Responsibility or Environmental policies. Complying with all relevant standards can have major benefits in terms of winning new business but a failure to comply can have significant consequences. All organisations need to continuously monitor changes in this area.

Veolia offers tailor made solutions to manage these responsibilities and risks, but our real strength is how we harness our engineering and innovation capacity across energy, water and waste to create value for our industrial customers.

In today's fiercely competitive food and drink industries, success is determined by remaining one step ahead of your rivals
The fast paced development of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require an adaptive and flexible utility supply to maintain product quality
For the automotive industry we supply the vital utilities that ensure product quality and output is mainatained on a 24/7 basis
A legacy of consistently delivering significant benefits to industrial manufacturing