Saving every drop: Building water resilience in a water-scarce world

Every industry is facing water efficiency challenges as demand rises and the climate change crisis intensifies. Businesses are required to consider the optimisation of their water efficiency and sustainability in order to protect and secure their supply.

What is water scarcity?

Water scarcity relates to the physical shortage in availability of water, whether that be due to supply or physical access. It is a global issue that affects all types of communities, businesses and industries. A huge contributor to water scarcity is the consistent rising in global population, resulting in increased demand and a pressure on water resources.

Why must you build water resilience in your business?

For many businesses, particularly those in brewing and distilling, manufacturing and industrial sectors, building water resilience is vital to operational survival. Not only must they acquire a consistent and measurable supply of water for operations, but this supply must meet the requirements of environmental regulators in terms of its usage and discharges. Business continuity relies on becoming and remaining compliant plus achieving their own corporate sustainability targets.

How can you build water resilience?

Understand your water

Having a clear understanding about the amount of water you use, where it comes from and how much you’re wasting is an important step to building resilience within your business. This type of data and information allows proactivity in operations, by identifying and mitigating risks and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Adopt technology

Once you have identified the areas of success and concern, you will be able to target exactly where water efficient technologies and automation will be of benefit. Implementation of these technologies can be a huge asset to building water resilience in your business. With a variety of technologies to choose from, you will be able to find a solution to work harmoniously within your infrastructure to achieve your water aims.

Data plays a significant role in the resilience of water systems, and having the technology to capture it is invaluable. Capturing data through automated monitoring and reporting systems will provide you with an in depth insight into your water networks and how they work and interact. From this, greater opportunities become available to further optimise your networks by monitoring health and assessing usage, loss and failures - maintaining your supply and saving costs across operations.

Treatment technology is one of the largest advancements in constant development, with new materials being introduced to processes every day. Advanced filtration methods are helping to drive the future of water networks and are an impressive asset in increasing your business's recycling and building resilience in water supply. As a world leader in water treatment and reuse, we support many teams to design, build, operate and maintain everything from small decentralised water systems up to large recycling or treatment plants.

When looking toward the future, adopting a variety of these systems and technologies open up the potential for your business to achieve a self-sufficient, sustainable and secure water infrastructure. Our consultants are experienced in a number of industries and are on hand to advise on how to achieve your goals for water efficiency and resilience.

By partnering with you, we help to ensure business continuity via a secure and quality supply of utilities. Find out more about Veolia's variety of water services and solutions, from wastewater treatment, plant optimisation, biosources management and retail water.

What does the future look like?

Tackling the water scarcity challenge will not happen overnight. It requires action, such as those listed above, from a range of parties including businesses, water companies and the general public. The answer to this efficiency challenge is much more than reducing costs of operations and ‘using less water’. It requires an understanding of a circular economy approach in optimising efficiency and supply of water and a change in attitude in conserving resources for future gain.


Discover how Veolia can help you to build water resilience in your business.

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