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Everything that you need to know on the Circular Economy.

Improving sustainability and protecting profitability are seemingly two conflicting priorities for businesses - but they don't need to be.
Are you on track for efficiency improvements? We can help develop an effective roadmap for your business.
Is your waste hazardous or offensive? It's crucial to know the difference, as it's illegal to mix hazardous waste with any other kind. If you are conducting mass Covid-19 testing, it's especially important that you understand how waste is classified, and how each type of waste needs to be disposed of.
Veolia is set to become the first UK operator of Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) to demonstrate the latest carbon capture technology with Carbon Clean, a global leader in low-cost carbon capture technology.
Plastic has become a hugely contentious issue in recent years, with more awareness being raised about the problem of plastic leakage into the environment.
Following our recent Warehousing & Distribution of the Future Webinar, we have collated the questions and answers from the end of the session all in one place, providing information about key aspects of the sector moving forwards into 2021 and beyond
Plastic has undeniably been the most headline-grabbing material in recent years in terms of its environmental impact. What has been achieved so far in terms of increasing its sustainability, and what more needs to be done?
During the pandemic, we have adapted our services, including conducting site audits remotely. Post-Covid, we will continue with this agile approach, including how we approach sites in more challenging locations.
As regulations and consumer attitudes are changing and increasingly favouring more sustainable packaging choices, now is the time to assess whether your business can modify its packaging accordingly.
When implementing a closed-loop system in a business it is vital to implement a structured recycling stream, here we are breaking down some of our top tips to boost your business’ recycling rates.
When thinking about meeting your business' sustainability targets, it's important to consider the three key elements of waste, energy and water as one integrated strategy.
The upcoming Carbon Emissions Tax could see businesses charged around £16 per tonne of carbon that exceeds a set annual allowance. For some businesses, this could mean hefty charges. Are you prepared?
Cutting down your food waste can greatly enhance your environmental credibility by reducing the need for general waste services. These five simple tips can help your business reduce food waste:
Find out more about how Veolia can help your business make, and fulfil, some green commitments in 2021
Food waste has been a hot topic lately, with widespread reporting of hospitality venues having to throw out large volumes of food due to changing Covid restrictions, and increasing scrutiny of how retailers dispose of food waste.
We know that food and beverage manufacturers have a multitude of targets and standards to meet - in terms of cost saving, sustainability, health and safety… All while maintaining efficiency and productivity levels.
In today’s challenging climate, the pub and restaurant industry is under increasing pressure to make business processes as efficient as possible.
Have you ever considered the opportunities in your waste? There is often untapped value in food and beverage manufacturers' waste and by-products, both financial and environmental.