Recruitment 2015 - Veolia to recruit in Leeds

In the next few months we will begin to recruit permanent staff to operate and maintain the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility.

The facility construction is on time and on budget. Once completed we will commission the plant and then treat municipal waste from across the city of Leeds. To do this we need to recruit and train staff in a range of different roles.

We want to ensure that our staff are selected and trained well in advance of the site becoming fully operational. In mid to late January 2015 we will begin the recruitment process. In the first instance we will jointly host a recruitment event with Leeds City Council in the Cross Green area, that will be open for all to attend.

Kevin Parker Regional Communications Manager said 'Information regarding the recruitment event and the type of job vacancies will be made available on the Veolia Leeds website, through the local media and in newsletters distributed in the local area’. He added 'Working in partnership with Leeds City Council we want to make sure that local residents are fully aware of the opportunities at this facility and that everyone has access to the recruitment process'.