UK’s largest ever timber frame arrives on site in Leeds

Construction of the largest timber framed structure of its type in Europe has commenced in East Leeds as work progresses on the latest phase of the City’s new RERF (Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility).

The facility is being constructed by Clugston CNIM under contract with Veolia, Leeds City Council’s and is the centerpiece of a 25 year PFI Waste Management Contract with Leeds City Council.

The timber frame is one of several sustainable features, incorporated into the innovative design. This is in keeping with the environmental nature of the new facility which when completed in summer 2015, will divert over 200,000 tonnes of house- hold waste away from land fill, using the remaining unrecyclable material to generate electricity.

Manufactured using efficient and sustainable forestry products, the Glulam laminated timber frame was selected for its light yet structurally robust nature and its ability to be formed into outstanding architectural spaces.
The unique arched design which will stand 42 meters high and will be 123meters in length when assembled, will also include a large “green” wall consisting of sustainable plants.

Paul Fowler, Veolia said ‘The construction of the timber frame also signifies that we have reached another important milestone in the project. The facility when finished will be an impressive addition to the Leeds skyline and will help create permanent jobs and a more sustainable city.’

Clugston Construction’s project manager Tony Wing commented, “The fact that this is the largest timber frame ever erected in the UK, really highlights the overall size of the project and how unique and important the facility will be for Leeds.”

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