Local Authorities

Energy for local authorities


In the public sector, where a strong commitment to reduce carbon footprints is combined with the need for cost-effectiveness, Veolia can provide the long-term CO2 reducing solutions for many civic and community buildings.

In the public sector there is a strong commitment to reducing carbon consumption. This is combined with a need to reduce costs, deliver value for money and manage a large range of services and facilities.

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Low carbon cost-effective energy to communities

A major challenge facing local authorities is to deliver affordable energy bills for residents of housing schemes. A district heating scheme can reduce a city’s carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels while delivering lower energy bills for local communities. Whether the scheme converts waste into energy, uses renewable biomass or a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system, a well designed district heating scheme can provide communities with the energy they need at a sustainable cost to both residents and local authorities.

Veolia’s expertise in designing, building and managing district heating schemes helps local authorities across the UK to serve their local communities in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.

Energy efficient buildings

Local authorities manage a vast number of buildings to deliver services to local communities. Managing the energy performance of these buildings has become increasingly complex as building managers have to juggle rising fuel costs, strict environmental regulation and the demands of delivering a comfortable environment for occupants.

Veolia works with our customers to draw up and implement energy improvement plans. This includes factors such as work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring systems and energy awareness programmes encouraging occupants to save energy.

District Heating
Energy efficiency is a key concern for managers of commercial buildings