A birthday surprise truck ride for a young Merton recycling enthusiast

Veolia and a local family from Merton worked together to craft a perfect surprise gift for their son’s birthday who is fascinated with the recycling collection vehicles.

For five year old Benjamin Ross from Merton his fascination for recycling collection vehicles started when he was a toddler as he watched the 26 tonne vehicles emptying recycling boxes into the back of the truck. When he received his first recycling toy truck he cut up pieces of paper and re-enacted the collections that he saw out of his window. 
Veolia surprised Benjamin on his birthday (22 December) by arriving at his house to pick him up in a recycling collection vehicle, empty a few bins on route and visit Garth Road Recycling Depot where Veolia’s runs the London Borough of Merton’s waste and recycling service, to see what happens to the recycling that is picked up. He also visited the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre to see what else can be recycled as well as having the opportunity to see the diggers up close.
Mother, Lucy Ross, said: “Benjamin not only has an interest in the recycling trucks but he is obsessed with the concept of recycling.  He encourages his friends and family members to reuse and recycle items. He even goes as far as taking the wrong items out of their bin and putting it in the recycling box! People often comment that it is a strange obsession but at least he’s helping our planet and looking after the future. Veolia has made a young boy very happy on his birthday and he will be talking about this for a long time.”
Veolia gave a toy recycling truck for all of his recycling efforts in encouraging his friends and family to recycle.
For more information on the waste and recycling service in Merton, please visit the London Borough of Merton’s website.