Children’s Anti-Litter Posters on Display

Primary school children design eye-catching posters to be displayed on Sweeper carts across Haringey.

Across the London Borough of Haringey the sweeper carts used by the Veolia Street Cleansing Team will soon be brightened up by anti-litter posters designed by local children.

In April 2014 the Veolia Haringey Education Team ran an Art and Prose Litter Competition for all Primary Schools in the borough. The competition was very tough to judge due to the high quality of the 100 entries that were received. Students were asked to produce either a piece of prose or art work to educate the public about littering. The competition was split into two age categories: 5-8 years and 9-11 years.

The two winners of the art competition were Spyros Spyridis, age 7, and Rushya Lawrence, age 11, who are both from St Aiden's Primary School. The bright and eye catching anti-litter posters that they designed are now being installed on the front of all of the sweeper carts in the borough. The posters were designed specifically to encourage residents and visitors to the borough not to drop litter. Both of the posters depict a dirty world with litter on the street vs a clean and happy neighborhood scene. As the Street Cleansing Team go about their daily work cleaning the streets in Haringey they will also be educating the public about not littering.

The two winners of the prose competition were Gregory Berrisford Sweet, age 6, and Daisy Murray, age 10, who were also both from St Aiden’s Primary School. The poems have been published on the Veolia Haringey website and will be used in future anti-litter campaigns as well as schools education workshops. 

Veolia works across the borough with Primary and Secondary Schools running educations programs, workshops, assemblies and events to educate the young people in the borough about a range of environment-themed topics. Workshops range from waste and recycling processes to reusing materials and how worms are composters.

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Notes to the Editor
Full list of competition winners
Prose - 5-9 Years Category:
Winner: Gregory Berrisford Sweet - age 6, St Aidan’s Primary
Prose – 9-11 Years Category:
Winner: Daisy Murray - age 10, St Aiden’s Primary
Highly Commended: Milly Burridge – age 9, St Aiden’s Primary
Highly Commended: Luca Maslen – age 10, St Aiden’s Primary
Art - 5-9 Years Category:
Winner: Spyros - age 7, St Aiden's Primary School
Highly Commended:  Maja Tuchalska - age 7, St John Vianney School
Highly Commended: Vinnie Francois - age 6, St Aiden’s Primary
Art – 9-11 Years Category:
Winner: Rushya Lawrence - age 11, St Aiden's Primary
Highly Commended: Jolanda Dittrich - age 9, St Aiden’s Primary
Highly commended: Milo Stapleton Brister - age 11, St Aiden’s Primary
Highly commended: Maya Culverwell - age 11, St Aiden’s Primary
Winning Poems
Poem About Litter
Litter litter on the floor
I don’t want to see you anymore
Care for the world we are in
Put your litter in the bin!
Gregory Berrisford Sweet - age 6, St Aidan’s Primary
A Thought on Litter
Maybe you drop wrappers
And you think it doesn’t matter.
You say “It’s only one or two.
It won’t really spoil the view!”
But what if everyone thinks the same,
And people drop litter again and again?
There won’t be a single street
That has no litter and is neat.
It’s not just what meets the eye
That makes us stand and stare and sigh.
Litter can be like a net
And trap wildlife who don’t see the threat.
A popped balloon or bits of plastic
For a turtle are not fantastic.
Broken glass can hurt a paw
If its lying on the floor.
So when you’re finished with your waste
Don’t be lazy, please make haste!
Go and find the nearest bin
Just reach out and plop it in!
Daisy Murray - age 10, St Aiden’s Primary