Improved and easier kerbside recycling on its way!

To make recycling even easier for Watford residents, Veolia Environmental Services for Watford Borough Council are launching an improved service, with the aim of increasing recycling and reducing waste going to landfill.

The main change for most residents across the borough will be that they will not have to separate recycling into three different boxes. Recycling will all go into one new blue-lidded wheeled bin, which makes recycling easier!

This recycling will be collected weekly, rather than the current fortnightly collection. Residents in flats will also benefit from the new scheme, with their large white communal recycling bins being replaced by blue-lidded versions.

General non-recyclable waste will continue to be collected weekly, while garden and food waste will continue to be collected fortnightly.

Watford’s Elected Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill MBE, said: “We currently recycle around 40% of waste in Watford and this new scheme should make it easier to recycle even more.

“We have been able to make these changes following our successful bid for funding from the government to keep the weekly black bin collection and to improve the recycling service.

“Sending waste to landfill costs a lot more than it does to recycle it. By having a simpler recycling scheme, recycling will increase and less waste will go to landfill which will help to keep our council tax from going up.”

“We are delivering information leaflets to residents to explain the changes and over the next few weeks will also provide a handy guide to recycling, together with a collection calendar for the following twelve months. Veolia will also collect any unwanted recycling boxes, which will be recycled.”

Cardboard will no longer be accepted in the green wheeled garden and food waste bins but instead can be recycled in the new blue-lidded bin. This is because of new national compost quality standards - sticky tape, plastic and labels left on the cardboard is leading to poor quality compost.  Plastic bags will no longer be able to be recycled and will have to go into the general waste bin.
Matthew Crane, Veolia’s Contract Manager in Watford, said: “We are proud to be operating in Watford. The new improved recycling scheme means that together with local residents support, we can help make Watford even greener.”

Residents can look out for further information about the new services coming through your door soon.



For more information please contact:
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