Veolia London | New collection vehicles for Merton

Latest Veolia vehicles deliver safer, greener, cleaner waste and recycling service


Featuring the latest technology, Veolia’s 22 new waste and recycling collection vehicles promise to be more efficient, safer for residents, and more environmentally friendly. Whilst the general waste collection vehicles are already in use on Merton’s streets, the 12 new and improved recycling vehicles are due to arrive in May.


Veolia London | New collection vehicles for Merton

The new recycling vehicles feature two compartments; one for food waste and the other for recycling waste. This will enable crews to collect food waste and recycling at the same time. As a result, the size of Veolia’s fleet will be reduced by over 25%, as the total number of vehicles goes from 30 to 22. This will mean less vehicles on the road and less congestion on Merton’s streets.

Enhanced safety features of the new vehicles include the addition of four inbuilt cameras, as well as a left hand turn alarm system. Veolia’s vehicle drivers will benefit from full visual access to all sides of the vehicle, whilst extra consideration is given to cyclists. What’s more, all vehicles meet the Euro 6 emission standard, which aims to make vehicles greener and cleaner by reducing emissions.

The new vehicles benefit from rear steer technology, which has made them exceptionally manoeuvrable. They also come in a range of sizes, to enable collection crew’s easy access to even the narrowest of Merton’s roads. What’s more, advanced on-board technology provides real time feedback on service issues and an enhanced level of communication between staff and supervisors.

Councillor Stephen Alambritis, Leader of Merton Council said: ‘I would like to thank Veolia for having in mind safety and efficiency. These new vehicles reflect Veolia’s commitment to safety for their driver, operatives and indeed to residents of the borough. We are pleased with Veolia’s attention to detail in looking ahead towards dual use vehicles that will mean that food and recycling will be collected at the same time.’


Scott Edgell, General Manager for Veolia South London, said: ‘Veolia’s aim is to provide a sustainable service focusing on safety, efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions. We are delighted to announce that more vehicles will be arriving in May, of which new GPS, on-board technologies and safety cameras are only some of the key features.’