Londoners are invited to turn New Year’s Eve green

Veolia and Westminster City Council are inviting Londoners to make a green start to 2020 by celebrating sustainably during the biggest party of the year.

Millions of people are expected to line the River Thames for New Year’s Eve fireworks in Westminster and based on previous years, Veolia estimates that over 85 tonnes of waste will need to be cleared from the area at the end of the night. 

To help reduce this amount, Veolia have prepared five top tips to help Londoners celebrate sustainably, and bring in the next decade with an environmental win:

1. Make sustainable fashion choices. Fast fashion is far from carbon neutral, so when choosing your party outfit, consider shopping in charity or vintage shops or mix and match clothes you already have in your wardrobe. 

2. Bring drinks in reusable bottles, flasks and cups. Celebrating is thirsty work, so prepare your drinks ahead of time and bring them in reusable bottles. Reusables typically keep drinks colder or hotter for longer, and you’ll also reduce your waste output at the event.

3. Pack food in reusable containers. By carefully planning your food for the evening, and packing snacks in reusable containers, you’ll reduce the amount of packaging waste produced, and any uneaten food can be taken home with you instead of being thrown away. 

4. Choose public transport. With many road closures in place in central London, it’s not only more efficient to travel on public transport, but will use less carbon emissions than driving - helping to improve local air quality.

5. Take away your litter. Don’t leave litter at the end of the night, take your waste home with you and make sure all recyclables end up in the recycling bin.

Westminster’s New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest events of the year, and our crews are ready to clear the streets as safely and quickly as possible. We’re asking Londoners to make a pre New Year’s resolution to celebrate sustainably. Please try to adopt at least one of our tips - it will make a big difference to the environment and will allow us to clear the streets quicker, so roads can be reopened and the city can keep moving.
Helder Branco
Senior Contract Manager for Veolia

Veolia will deploy 57 vehicles and 190 staff in the area, and we estimate to collect around 85 tonnes of waste. Recyclables will be sent to Veolia’s Southwark recycling facility for sorting, and non recyclables will be sent for energy recovery, turning it into heat and power for local homes.

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights in Westminster’s calendar, and another chance to showcase our fantastic City to the millions of visitors who join us to celebrate. These festivities do however come with a price, and each year our teams spend hours clearing up unnecessary waste in order to keep streets clear and our city moving. That’s why this year we’re asking everyone to think more sustainably whilst planning their celebrations, and take home their waste to dispose of appropriately.
Cllr Tim Mitchell
Westminster City Council Deputy Leader (Delivery)