School Uses Veolia Grant to Create Recycled Wishing Tree

Creative pupils at Earlsmead Primary School, Broad Lane, N15 have used approximately £300 from Veolia Haringey’s War on Waste Grant Scheme to create a Wishing Tree made from recycled materials.

The War on Waste Grant Scheme has been developed to enable Haringey schools to create a sustainable waste project which would benefit children, staff, parents and the local community. Earlsmead Primary School was one of five schools who won the War on Waste grant with other projects including innovative composting areas and whole-school recycling schemes.

Earlsmead Primary School’s Wishing Tree, which is made by re-using plastic bottles and fabric, was created by the pupils and a local artist to raise awareness of environmental issues and consumerism within and outside the school community. Pupils used the tree to write wishes for a better environment and placed them on the tree; wishes included: “I wish people didn’t litter that much” and “I wish for more trees around the school”.

 Jean-Francois Moreau, Senior Contract Manager at Veolia Haringey said: “The Wishing Tree is a fantastic example of how we can creatively re-use materials and create something exceptional. The tree clearly demonstrates that children in Haringey are passionate about their local environment.”

Marketa Fojtaskova, Eco Club Coordinator for Earlsmead Primary School said: “It was a useful and interesting project that integrated reusing materials and reflecting on issues of waste through the art. It was beneficial for the children to be part of the process of making it and involved the whole school community by bringing in plastic bottles.”

The War on Waste grant scheme was organised by Veolia’s education team, as part of the Waste Warriors outreach programme. Free opportunities offered to local school-aged children include hands-on workshops, interactive assemblies and tailored recycling projects. For further information please contact the Veolia Contact Centre on 020 8885 7700 or email [email protected]


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