Litterers are throwing away their chances at love

Research by leading resource management company Veolia reveals that Londoners who show their love for the planet stand a better chance of finding love themselves. 

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day 2020, Veolia is launching a series of animated GIFs to bring the statistics to life for Londoners, in the hope that love is all you need, even when it comes to recycling and waste. 

Research shows:

  • 70% of Londoners are less likely to pursue a love interest with someone who littered during a first date.

  • 60% of Londoners are more likely to go on a second date with someone who picked up litter that wasn't their own.

  • 39% of Londoners are more likely to see someone again if they used a reusable water bottle.

The GIFs promote #PlanetLoversFindLove and anyone who helps share the message on Twitter will have a chance to win one of twenty attractiveness-enhancing reusable water bottles.

Read more for Veolia's tips for having a sustainable Valentine' Day.


It’s clear there is an attraction to recycling for the public - as a majority of Brits find behaviour which shows respect for the environment desirable in a potential partner. For instance, over half are likely to go on a second date with someone if they picked up and disposed of rubbish that wasn't their own.

The time we spend separating recyclables at home or on the go ensures the right materials will be collected, processed and ultimately made into something new. This is a relationship we are all part of and one we should nurture.
Richard Kirkman
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Veolia UK & Ireland