Veolia Inspires Art Exhibition

Veolia staff attended an open afternoon at the Waste Art Exhibition to view how they inspired the works.

Elisabeth Bond is an artist who works locally in Haringey with her studio in Tottenham Hale. Her observations of waste infrastructure in the local area inspired her to produce an exhibition called Waste.

The exhibition is a series of fine wood-cut prints exploring the local municipal waste heritage by dramatist-turned-visual artist Elisabeth Bond. The art works have a variety of subjects all themed around the concept of waste. These vary from staff monitoring an incinerator to a truck tipping waste on a landfill site. Local Veolia Street Cleansing staff who work in the Tottenham Hale area of the borough feature in one of the pieces of work.

To exhibit the work to Veolia staff and allow the team who featured in the work to see it on display Veolia hosted a company open afternoon. Elisabeth Bond was on hand at the exhibition to answer questions about the art work and explain how the prints are created.

Paul Peters, the Veolia Contract Manager in Haringey, said: “It is wonderful to see the industry we work in as the feature of an art exhibition, especially when the inspiration is all so local. In many ways the work Elisabeth Bond has done has made the usually dirty work of collecting waste seem quite romantic.”

Elisabeth Bond said: “It is brilliant to be able to show my collection to some of the people who have provided me with the inspiration. Waste is such a common everyday thing but it is rarely showcased in the way which I have shown it. I hope that the exhibition will appeal to many people who will come and have a look.”

The exhibition is hosted at the Bruce Castle Museum and is open to the public for free daily from 1pm-5pm until Sunday 21 December 2014. The Waste exhibition is an Arts Council funded exhibition, organised and supported by Haringey Council.

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