Veolia London doubles plastic waste pledge for communities

Today Veolia London announces that its Recycling Fund for Communities will double the money for community projects that have a positive impact on plastic waste.

Veolia is a founding member of the UK Plastics Pact and the UK’s leading provider of plastic waste solutions. In London it collects and sorts the material for residents and businesses, and has invested in state of the art recycling infrastructure, including a bespoke plastic recycling facility at Dagenham to keep pace with demand.

Launched in 2017, the Recycling Fund for Communities supports grassroots projects that protect the environment and encourage people to do the right thing with their waste. This year’s increased funding for plastics reflects Veolia’s long standing investment in the plastic economy, and its ongoing support of the communities in which it operates.

Rachel Jay, Community Support Manager for Veolia in London  said: “To make a real difference we need to work with communities, not just for them. Through our fund we aim to find Londoners who are passionate about protecting resources and their local environment, and empower them to realise their ideas. Since we launched in 2017 we’ve seen 18 amazing projects come to life through our donations of cash, volunteers, equipment and materials. This year we have doubled the maximum pledge available to £2,000 for entrants who are focusing on plastic waste as part of their project.”

This World Environment Day (Tuesday 5th June) Veolia is inviting Londoners to the Recycling Fund Launch 2018, an event for people with ideas for protecting resources and improving their local environment. Attendees will be able to tour Veolia’s recycling facility in Southwark to see what happens to their plastics and other recyclables after collection. There will also be an opportunity learn more about the Recycling Fund for Communities and talk to Veolia’s team about getting their project funded, as well as getting other kinds of support such as materials, equipment or volunteers.

Anyone seeking funding for projects that protect the environment or inspire people to do the right thing with their waste is eligible to attend. Places are limited, for more information and to sign up to the free event visit  

Those who can’t make the event are still able to apply for funding online via our website.