Our work in the community

All about the work Veolia London does to help and support the local community.

Community responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to supporting the areas we work in, making every effort to enhance the lives of individuals by supporting environmental projects and volunteering our time to help bring ideas to life.

Community Funding

We have two community funds that help improve communities every day. We also actively encourage all of our employees to get involved in a wide range of local community initiatives, and offer a paid day of leave so employees can volunteering  to help support the projects they're passionate about.

If you've got a project idea and are looking for funding, please get in touch with us.

Further information on the Recycling Fund and the Veolia Environmental trust can be found below:

Recycling Fund for Communities

In 2017, we designed and launched a London based community fund to help encourage people to do the right thing with the waste. Since then, we've supported over 50 community projects that promote recycling, re-use and the reduction waste, by giving cash donations of up to £2000, equipment and volunteers to help bring their projects to life.

Veolia Environmental Trust

Since 1997 the Veolia Environmental Trust has supported over 2300 community and environmental projects throughout the UK, donating over £80 million in the process

If you have a project that will bring a collective benefit to your local community, we want to hear from you.