Veolia london Integrated Waste Management Facility

London - Integrated Waste Management Facility

Supporting our 25-year waste management contract with Southwark Council

As part of its 25-year waste management contract with Southwark Council, Veolia has constructed an Integrated Waste Management Facility, off Old Kent Road. The facility includes a Materials Recovery Facility and a Mechanical Biological Treatment facility, a public Reuse and Recycling Centre and an Education and Visitor Centre.


Materials Recovery Facility

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) we operate in Southwark is one of the most advanced recycling facilities in Europe. All materials collected for recycling from homes across the borough are now processed at this plant before being sent off to manufacturers to turn the recycled raw materials into new products. The facility became operational in January 2012.


To find out more about the Integrated Waste Management Facility we operate in Southwark, Click here.